Sunday, November 02, 2008

New eee pc 1000

I was somewhat disappointed with the Asus eee pc 901-- mostly the issue with the shift key. And the keyboard was very small, although I was getting used to it. However, it really ticked me off that no sooner did I get the 901, the 1000 came out. As fate would have it, I was actually able to get the new 1000, because the 901 found a home with one of my sons. They are very happy together.... At least he doesn't have to feed it.

In the meantime, the 1000 still has the same shift key issue (issue in my book, at any rate). To ensure that I would not be bored, when I bought this one, I opted to get the Linux OS (Xandros). LOL. This can be very humbling... So, after struggling for an hour with the wireless, I finally made it onto the Internet. Next step... upgrading Firefox to version 3. While I was struggling with this, Joshua called in to inquire about voicemails about the wireless. He asked the most asinine question: have you read the manual? I mean, what kind of fun is involved with reading the manual... Have you ever actually looked at the manual that comes with a new PC? Really...

However, he did point me to the Eee PC user forums, which in turn pointed me to a wiki [Tweaking for] Absolute Beginners. So that's where I am now: back in Noobville-- what an adventure!

I'm going to go check my mail on WoW, see who's online, chill, and then come back to tweaking my new eee.