Saturday, February 22, 2014

O, the shame of it all!

Leonid Pasternak
Thursday evening, the Social Media Club Columbia had a roundtable on blogging. I sat there with some kind of facial grimace that I hope resembled a smile, all the while remembering that my last post here was, to put it mildly, ancient.

Does it help at all that I poked around to read the blogs of some of the other participants, only to discover that the majority were as neglected as mine? No. I take no comfort in that at all.

In my goal planning for this year at work, I determined that I should create 48 blog posts over the year. That's not an unreasonable goal for a business blog. So far, I'm on target.

I hate to admit it, but sometimes I'm a much better theoretician than practitioner.

I'd appreciate it if you would skip over to the business blog and read the post I wrote for Clean Out Your Computer Day. It's one of those that writes itself for me.

Image: Wikimedia Commons