Monday, July 03, 2006

South Carolina Information Technology

South Carolina Information Technology

On Friday, I presented a session on blogging to our library staff. The session was one in a series of "Tech Express" introductions to various Web 2.0/Library 2.0 technology trends.

During the class, our network administrator created this page. The fruits of our labor....

During the session, another librarian blogger, Curtis Rogers, took a photo, uploaded it to his Flickr site and blogged it to his blog. The class was able to see how nearly "instantaneous" the web is these days...

Tech Express was conceived and produced by Kathy Sheppard in our Library Development Services department. The one-hour sessions are designed to introduce our staff to trends that are being used by libraries around the country. Last week, they learned about Flickr; in the coming weeks, they'll be introduced to social networking software, like MySpace; podcasting; LibraryThing; and more.

This week, Robby posted a blog; last week, two members of our Talking Book Services uploaded and tagged photos to our Flickr site. It's great to see people experimenting with technology!

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Dr. Curtis Rogers said...

it was a great session!