Saturday, August 05, 2006

WOOT!! Level 56

Yes! Level 56, level 56! I haven't been able to play for about two weeks, and only needed 1 and a bit bars to get to 56. It's been on my mind. Last night, after eating way too much Indian food, I settled into my chair and started taking out rock stalkers and stonelashers, amping up the xp. And then, WOMP. <-- sound effect

Now I have to admit I wasn't all that enamoured of the new skills. Guess they're saving the best for Level 60. It looks to be a quiet weekend, so I'm planning on spending some time pursuing my "hobby". (And looking at Wordpress, XAMPP, etc.)

By the way, WoW just put up an official site on MySpace. They only have 23043 friends so far!

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