Friday, April 20, 2007

CIL2007: Sessions I Attended

I gave up on onsite blogging of the conference, although I did take copious notes. There were problems with the network, and connectivity was patchy. Here's a list of the sessions I attended (and I attended all three keynotes):


  • Library 2.0: Building Communities, Connections & Strateties, by Ken Roberts, Chief Librarian, Hamilton

  • Pimp Your Firefox, by Jessamyn West

  • Mashups, Remixing Info, & Making Data Browsable, by Derek Willis and Karen Huffman

  • Millenials and the Library, by Marshall Breeding

  • Using Google & SEs to Expose Digital Collections, by Marshall Breeding

  • Social Bookmarking & Folksonomies, by Ellyssa Kroski & Robert Cagna

  • Presented Rhumba with Joomla

  • Dynamic Instructional Content: Library 2.0 on a Budget, by Chad Boeninger

  • Search Tools Using Controlled Vocabularies, by Herd, Koeneman, Doszkocs

  • Podcasting Possibilites for Library Instruction, by Rachael Clemons

  • Gaming and Learning, by Shu Liu and Tammy Allgood

  • Dine-Around with Second Lifers

  • InfoTubey Awards

  • The New Library Automation Landscape, by Marshall Breeding

  • Catalogs/OPACs for the Future, by Roy Tennant and Tim Spaulding

  • Building Libraries in Virtual Worlds, by Bell, Gullett, Czarnecki & Peters

  • Repository Essentials: From Soup to Nuts, by Roy Tennant

  • Production to Portal: Info Delivery Channels, by Marjorie M.K. Hlava

For just about every session I went to, there was another one I couldn't attend. But, so it goes, at any conference. Things are going to keep filtering through, so I'll be coming back to talk about different things in the next week. I'm also heading off for E-Rate Camp next week...

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