Saturday, October 27, 2007

Struggles in SL... & a few triumphs, too

I've been spending lots of time in Second Life this month, preparing the virtual SC State Library for show and tell. This is work, folks! The push was on, and I needed to learn how to build prims and add scripts. The building process exercised a totally different part of my brain-- I just don't think in shapes, normally.

The experience has been a virtual rollercoaster of emotions. I spent time in sheer frustration, followed by amazement when I actually managed to produce an object, back to frustration with scripts, and elation when I realized I had learned a new skill.

I'm still a total noob. I have to think hard to send a friendship offer, or find a group. So things aren't coming all that easily yet. Fortunately, I've been working with another librarian who is more than willing to teach and share what he's learned. If nothing else, I've gained a new friend.

And when Nov. 1 is over, I will be devoting huge amounts of time to WOW... I want to learn how to fly at level 68!

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