Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cataloging Notices to Cellphone

I've missed a great deal of this one... :( I hope it's going to be online somewhere. The audience asked a lot of questions during the session-- very engaged.

Shoutbomb is granted tunnel access to Millennium, as a self-check user. Hold, courtesy and overdue reports are generated, and then automatically processed using a TCL script. The reports are then sent to shoutbomb using SFTP. Shout bomb resolves the report against a list of signed-up patrons (barcodes). Records are stored for 5 days, and then deleted, to ensure patron privacy.
Patrons text a message to the library to signup for this service.

Training staff to send text message to a phone. For example, to Verizon user, the text goes to [number] Other providers are listed at for more info.

Next step: text message reference. Issues include staff training, recognizing a SMS as it comes in and the 140-character limit. Goals: seamlessness; patron experience; staff workflow; SMS to IM gateway.;

Web signup at DCPL..;
QR codes
Augmented reality (AR). Snappr is Toby Greenwalt's blog.

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