Thursday, August 09, 2007

My New, Almost Screaming, Machine

Yesterday my youngest and I brought up my new improved desktop PC. Still tweaking the configuration, but I am jamming! Spent time on Second Life, and SL did not crash it: that's the ultimate test. I ran around IF in WoW with no lag. Soooo happy. I even "splurged" on an inexpensive but 2kewl box-- had to, b/c my cooler wouldn't fit in the old Gateway case. LOL.

I had inherited my youngest's Gateway, purchased in April 2001. Over the years, he replaced the power supply, upped the memory, replaced the cd drive, and generally grumped that the graphics card wouldn't handle Half-Life's graphics. (BTW, I have a very clear recollection of arguing the quality of the graphics card in the Gateway store... I wanted a better one.) When we purchased his laptop for college, he donated his old PC to me.

We kept the DemonBlue480 power supply, the cd/dvd drive, and the hard disk. We bought a NZXT Apollo case, ASUS A8V-XE chipset, ASUS Arctic Square CPU cooler, an AMD 64 bit 2.2G dual core processor, a gig of ram, and a HIS 1650Pro graphics card. Could it be tighter? Well, yeah... but it's a far cry from that Gateway SELECT 1000 CS. Next? A new monitor... he's loaned me his Samsung SyncMaster 226BW widescreen LCD panel until he goes back to college. I'm ruined now; have to save up for my own.

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