Sunday, August 19, 2007

Table top gaming; graffiti blogs

Table top gaming should not be neglected as libraries move more toward incorporating gaming. Many bookstores already know this! Pokemon Days at our local Books-A-Million are packed with kids & PARENTS. How cool is that?? Our local Barnes & Noble encourages chess. And what about those restaurants that have those wooden peg games? The family interactions that occur around those games are priceless.

What is it about those kinds of games that literally engage people, that draw them in as active observers and participants? What kind of cerebral/neural impulses are firing? What would happen if the library environment is furtile with creative potential, welcoming discovery?

Many moons ago, I used to frequent a seafood restaurant near Folly Beach, SC, that encouraged customers to doodle and leave graffiti in spiral bound notebooks provided by the owners. There were stacks of notebooks filled with "Kilroy was here" type doodles, thousands of visitor comments, philosophical treatises, poetry, limericks, incredible art. Maybe we need "graffiti blogs" for our patrons? What would they say about our libraries and their services?

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