Saturday, September 01, 2007


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At last, Atzilut has made it to level 65. It's been a long haul; however, tonight, with the help of some dedicated guild members, she made it. In addition, Atzilut can now wear her first complete set of armor, made by Koden. And she obtained the Moonkin Headress... She was able to level in Burning Fortress, with the help of 3 guildies and an LFG.

Next.. leveling up the First Aid...

I really thought Cresenc (50) would catch up quickly, but having so little time to play does make a difference.

I have purposely made more time to play lately; life has been more challenging than usual, so I felt this was a necessity. At any rate, it's been fun!! And I won't deny that leveling is the most enticing challenge.

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