Thursday, November 01, 2007


Integrating Technology with Customer Focused Library Services

Charles Brown, Director, PLCMC

3rd largest public library in the US. $40M annual operating budget.

Expanding Minds: Early Literacy 2.0. iPod+Story Hour. Youth libraries each have iPods, loaded with 150 hours of music geared for children - parent checklists for readiness for kindergarten. Getting Ready to Read; Health & Wellness.
BookHive: your guide to children's literature and books. ages 3-12
Guys Read! for middle school boys. NBA kickoff. Community professionals work with guys to encourage reading
Summer reading: Wee Read, birth - pre-schoolers. Involved the whole family in reading
Teen Summer eading: YouNeverKnow - rising 6-12 graders
24 locations; 5 in african american populations
Freedom Regional Library: media center for high school and public library. includes 21 staff adn 2 technology centers

Imaginon partnered with children's theatre of charlotte to create this.
Library Loft is the teen area at Imaginon. 12-18. Parents and younger kids are not allowed to enter. Teen read week: 1100 teens participated. Podcasts created by adn for teens. has an iTunes music store. Studio i @ Imaginon created the media for the teen reading program.

Story Place: intereactive digital library for children.

Empowering Individuals. Nearly 1000 public access computers. More than 1,029,000 in-library computer users in FY05. Access to Adaptive Technologies in the Virtual Vilage. Free computer classes, basic to advanced.
Trip to the Mouse Clinic. Exposes adult users to computer related opportunties.

Learning 2.0.
Everyone on the staff were involved, from cleaning staff to professional staff.
Learning 2.0 for patrons: Ermeging technology. ebay for beginners; making money with craigslist, etc.

Adaptive Technology @ VV (Virtual Village) Most popular area of the main library.

Academic Spport: Live Homework Help - free with library card; connects students with online tutors; ThinkCOLLEGE; Summer Reading Progam

Instant Message Reference Service: Ask a Librarian

Enriching the Community

Gaming Zone:

Games + Learning Lab GL(squared) Video game play testers wanted.

Online Book Clubs: has been able to get authors involved as well.

Africn American Album:

PLCMC has their own printing press...

Novello festival of reading. Ishmael Beah Streamed via live feed to Teen Second Life. sharing privacy and trust in our networked world

Dinosaur conversations: are 2.0 technologies relevant to libraries? It's reality. Fosters and encourages staff to explore emerging technologies

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