Thursday, October 16, 2008


I've made it to LITA, finally! I attended the lita forum when it was in Raleigh, NC, quite a few years ago, and haven't been able to make it back until now.

I've brought my new toy with me, an EEE PC, but the keyboard is giving me problems. However, practice makes perfect... Actually, I bought this one, and THEN, the 1000 came out. My son has fallen in love with this one, so he's getting an early birthday present, and I'm going with a slightly larger 1000. Also going with the linux version.

I'll be blogging the sessions, of course, and posting them here.

Had tea today at Churchill's Tea Room and Shop-- very nice. Brings back wonderful childhood memories.

Then I attended the reception at The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County. The library was great-- they've just finished renovating their space, increasing greatly the amount of space. The highlight for me was a tour of their digitization project. They are creating a Virtual Library of their out of copyright items, city directories, and other manuscripts. Most recently, they've been digitizing handwritten ships logs. Fantastic operation. It's given me much food for thought-- I never made it to the food and wine, though.

In WoW news, Cresenc has been transferred to the Aerie Peak server, but no one has been on who can bring her into the guild. The latest patch is something else.... I have to redo Atzilut's talent tree... clicked one too many times and now need one more talent point to get Starfall. Sheesh. I think my new toon will take up the Inscription profession. Looks like fun!

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