Friday, October 17, 2008

Civil Rights Digital Library

Civil Rights Digital Library, Toby Graham Digital Library of Georgia

Video archive: 30 hours historical newsfilm
Learning objects component: provide instructional support
CRDL portal: draws together related content for a seamless virtual library

They developed Voci, written in Java and a Postgres database. The software is now available through CRDL was in development for two years.

Has relevance weighting for metadata elements. Browse is a canned search. Voci is not good at proofreading, global updates for metadata. They use another home grown product, "Ultimate" to handle that workflow. Voci doesn't hold digital objects. It's a tool for collecting and managing metadata from other aggregators.

Sustainability: after the grant ended, the programmer was hired full-time, as was the video editor. The metadata librarian was hired half-time. Partners are still adding material. News stations gifted the newsreel archives to the university, and signed over copyright as well.


This is an impressive project. Two years from start to finish... starting from scratch, even. I definitely want to look more closely at Voci. South Carolina is poorly represented in the CRDL... I wonder who's working on that? I did mention to Graham SCETV's Civil Rights Road Show... it would be a solid addition to the pedagogic section of the DL.

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