Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Guild, New Server

If all goes well, Cresenc will be moving to the Aerie Peak server to become a member of the Libraries and Librarians Guild. Discovered this guild last week, started by Michael Porter, Libraryman and immediately logged in and rolled a new toon, Cresaluna. After looking at the stats of the other guildies, I decided to move Cresenc from Zul'jin to Aerie Peak. She's on a level with most of the other guildies.

And of course, what did I roll for Cresaluna? I think I'm in a rut. I try to break out, but I just can't seem to manage it. Wonder what this says about me? I need to try at least another class. Stretch my wings. Whatever. I should probably roll a rogue. Hmmm. Any ideas?

So how did I find the new guild? Facebook, of course! Check out the WoW Librarians group on Facebook.

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