Saturday, October 18, 2008

Libraryman Michael Porter - LITA Keynote

Hi-Fi-Sci-Fi-Library: Technology, Convergence, Content, Community, Ubiquity and Library
Michael "Libraryman" Porter, WebJunction

320 attendees. Librarians from all over the US, Canada, Switzerland, other European counties, Ghana, several African countries. And they've arranged for late checkout for tomorrow! What great forum organizers.

Technology, community & training. Presentation is powerpoint and video clips. Michael does NOT stand still, and he talks fast. As a matter of fact, frenetic would be a good word to describe him. LOL.

A basic Star Trek vocabulary is useful.

Fidelity implies a truthful connection to the source.

Some of the technologies Michael will be speaking about don't exist yet...

Content + Community = Libraries

Access Granted: LCARS - Library Computer Access and Retrieval System
PADD He showed a hack of an iphone with a PADD display.

Environmnetal Scan... decreased costs, increased computing power. Software. Increased energy efficiency and battery life.

New methods of content creation. Playing well with others.

Content Provision: Competition Abounds.

Technology enhanced performance - pedometers that upload info to your computer.
[I have GOT to get an iRobot for my floors...]
Chumby.... based on OSS.
Google Phone Android is a software package. The phone will be developed by the Open Handset Alliance, which is made up of 30 plus companies.
Pandora = opensource portable gaming device. BUG = It's a base that takes plugins that emulates other hardware.
iPhone projector.
Livescribe Pulse Smartpen.

What is our interface right now for our library communities?

Now for the videos...
The Time Machine at the NYPL
Star Trek IV and human computer interaction. Scotty tries to interact with a 20th century computer... But what about Dragon Naturally Speaking speech recognition software? Michael's mother uses it, and he plans to use it to write a large part of his book.

Scientists, intellectuals and writers envision androids such as Data(STNG) and the Doctor (STV) aspiring to be human. That the beauty of librarianship... we are human and we hold the keys to knowledge. We are still the pinnacle of what other humans need. The community and the library will still be there if we learn how to work with the technology.

Futurama...brain spawn attack defeated thanks to the books at the local library...
I, Robot..."ban the internet to keep the libraries open"
Futurama... getting physical things from the internet (download Lucy Lui)
How William Shatner Changed the World - documentary nominated for an Emmy...
Minority Report - human computer interaction.
Zardoz - (how did I miss this one?)

Making sure libraries stick around is going to take some strong action on our part. Futurama metaphor-- the actual person in power isn't who we think it is...

Concluded with the "hi-fi sci-fi library"

3 quick plugs: create a webjunction professional profile
world cat api... hackathon at NYPL to work on this

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